Anti Bullying School Assemblies

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Revolutionizing Anti-Bullying Strategies: BMX Freestylers' Top-notch Team Infuses Unmatched Vigor into Anti-Bullying School Assemblies

Enabling Students of All Strata: BMX Freestylers Promote Tolerance and Mutual Respect through Dynamic Anti-Bullying Assemblies

BMX Freestylers are reshaping the landscape of anti-bullying initiatives with their high-energy exhibitions. Grasping the allure of vibrant, spirited presentations for students, they weave professional BMX freestyle stunts into their assemblies, riveting the audience and presenting memorable experiences that encourage empathy, mutual respect, and understanding. BMX Freestylers aim to spark a shift in outlook and engender a bully-free ambiance among students from diverse backgrounds through their compelling and powerful assemblies. This ground-breaking approach has triumphed in retaining students' interest, enlightening them about the adverse effects of bullying, and leaving them informed, respectful, and prepared to resist bullying.

Distinctive Attributes of Our Engrossing Anti-Bullying School Assemblies

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 Anti Bullying School Assemblies
 Anti Bullying School Assemblies

"Our students were enthralled by the assembly. The profound anti-bullying message was deeply valued, and the booking process was seamless. We're eagerly awaiting your return next year!" Riverside, CA

Thrilling Performances, Life-Altering Lessons: BMX Freestylers' Outstanding Anti-Bullying School Assemblies

BMX Freestylers carry forward a 30-year legacy of influential entertainment with anti-bullying school assemblies. These presentations focus on personal development, emphasizing the value of empathy, mutual respect, and bravery in resisting bullying. Conforming to all school environments, BMX Freestylers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, assuring an experience that will connect with every student. The core of BMX Freestylers' Anti-Bullying School Assemblies transcends simple entertainment; it's about cultivating a secure and respectful academic environment. These assemblies showcase astonishing stunts that seize the audience's attention, serving as a potent metaphor for overcoming personal hurdles and standing up against bullying. In BMX Freestylers' assemblies, students are not just observers; they are contributors in a transformative journey that shapes their character and perspective.

 Anti Bullying School Assemblies
 Anti Bullying School Assemblies

School Assembly Pricing:

 Anti Bullying School Assemblies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer is:   Once our team arrives on the property set up and take down can be dome 15 minutes. having the area clean and any gate access open can make the process much smoother. We also encourage having a power cord extended out to the area if possible as a back up. However all our team have their own power cords and in some cases electric generators.

Answer is:  

Answer is:   You can schedule your School Assembly Program(s) using our website or by calling us at (657) 345-4603. On our website, you will be able to create an account and select a date and time for the event that fits your needs. Once your school has a ‘School Assembly Program Account’, you’ll also be able to do repeat bookings, print invoices or request insurance documents. It’s easy and takes just minutes.

Answer is:   Preparing for your assembly is easy with the BMX Freestylers Dream Team. We will send to you a show preparation guide with step-by-step instructions to make sure your assembly goes smoothly from start to finish.

Answer is:   As the show nears, we want to continue our communications with you. To do this, we will be sending you a few emails. One email is particularly important and is called the "acknowledgment email". It will provide you a link for you to confirm that you are aware of the assembly coming up. We have found this confirmation to be important since some school assembly coordinators and PTA units change leadership or staff from time to time. When you click ‘YES’, our system will alert us that you’re ready for our team. If we do not receive this email, we will need to call you right away to be sure all things are moving ahead properly and your reservation is not lost.

Answer is:   The BMX Freestylers Dream Team will arrive at your location 1 hour before show time. Setup takes only about 15 to 20 minutes. ATTENTION SCHOOL ASSEMBLY COORDINATOR: It's important for the School Assembly Program's coordinator to notify the custodian or person in charge of security to be sure to open any gates for the team so they may set up on time. Our teams also use devices that share their location with you so you can monitor their arrival time. Please ask us about this service.

Answer is:   Show Areas are typically 40 feet wide x 120 feet in length or similar to about the size of a basketball court area. Hard surfaces or playground areas such as pavement, concrete and black top work best for our team performances. Spectators sit or stand along the outside perimeter.

Answer is:   We have professional equipment and a sound system so no need to set up the school’s equipment. It's important to us that The School Assembly Programs look professional in every way, even with our sound. All of our teams are equipped with high quality sound systems with quality microphones and speakers. This enables everyone to clearly hear the important messages and announcements.

Answer is:   You have a 100% guarantee from us. It's important to us that EVERYONE is satisfied with our services before, during, and after you do business with us. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will return 100% of your payment.

Answer is:   40 minutes typically

Answer is:   We are very comfortnle with 600 people in one school assembly. 300 on each side. How ever “by choice” some schools will break lower grades up into two assemblies because of age difference and the announcer can alter how the mesages are deliver based on age differnces. This is a decision is all preference. Each addtional assembliy is $200.

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